Celebrating the culture of Sánchez, Samaná
The people of Sánchez, on the south side of the Samaná peninsula, are inviting to their annual summer weekend cultural festival, Marisco Ripiao. Sánchez is known for its farmed shrimp and coconut sauced fish served at several of the town restaurants.

The Marisco Ripiao Festival is in its fourth year. There will be music, together with food and art created by the locals. The festival opens at 6pm on Friday, 16 June and runs through Sunday, 18 June 2017.

The event seeks to promote the history, culture, conservation of the Samaná Bay and the small town ambience of Sánchez.

Enjoy the traditional dishes of fish and shrimp prepared with coconut sauce be these stewed, fried or sautéed. Enjoy the traditional breads, including the famous Johnny Cake fried bread and many coconut sweets.

Again in june 2017.

The 4th Marisco Ripiao Festival is organizd by the Consorcio Dominicano de Competitividad Turística (CDCT), the Centro para la Conservación y Ecodesarrollo de la Bahía de Samaná y su Entorno (CEBSE), the Cooperativa de Pescadores de la Bahía de San Lorenzo in cooperation with the Sánchez Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism, the Associación de Hoteles y Empresas Turísticas de Samaná (AHETSA), Asociación de Empresarios Sánchez (ACESA), Clúster Turístico de Samaná, The Nature Conservancy, Counterpart International, among other organizations.