The Dominican Republic is working hard to be recognized as the leading medical tourism destination in the Caribbean. The 2016 Medical Tourism Index Report shows the DR in 15th place in the global ranking. The DR is ranked 15th in environment, 5th in medical tourism industry and 22th in quality of facilities and services. The average Medical Tourism Index score for the Americas is 64.48 and the DR’s MTI is 67.58.

In an interview with reporters from Hoy, spokesmen for a leading medical center pointed out that findings of the Medical Tourism Association Medical Tourism Index Report are that people are already spending around US$100 billion a year on medical tourism, and that the sector would grow by around 25% per year over or the decade. The DR seeks to increase its market share of this market with improvements in its medical industry and better marketing.

During the interview, Centro de Diagnóstico, Medicina Avanzada, Laboratorio y Telemedicina (Cedimat), executives Jesus Saavedra, Luis Betances and Michel Saint-Amand highlighted the importance of reaching strategic alliances to promote the country as a medical tourism destination.

They explained medical tourism not only impacts the medical centers but also provides benefits to hotels, transport companies, and the leisure travel sector, in general. They estimated that a foreigner who visits for medical services spends eight times more than a leisure tourist and the stay is usually longer.


The main attraction for medical tourism in the country is the high quality of service and the considerably lower cost of many medical procedures here than abroad.

They explained the country provides the latest medical technologies, state of the art installations, a high level of trained physicians and staff, many of whom are bilingual.…ican-republic/