Temperature isn’t the only thing that rises during the summer—with your AC in high gear, your electric bill can be higher than you’d prefer, too. And we do agree 100% — there are better things to spend your hard-earned cash on. But just because you have no air conditioning doesn’t mean you have to submit yourself to being miserable in a sticky, hot house. So what to do?


Get the air flowing

Make sure your house is  designed in such a way that it will benefit from the wind, allowing the always-prevailing breeze in Samana to pass and provide natural cooling. The natural wind creates a path for air to travel and it  allows the fresh air to mix with the stagnant air in the space.


Embrace the ceiling fan
“Some people aren’t fans of ceiling fans, but I think the right ceiling fan is the best friend of a non–air conditioned apartment,” says Tony. “Just stay away from fans with light kits—they are usually hideous!” But here is the good news: We found fans that actually look good.


Fans really do wonders to circulate the air in a room room or porch without the disturbing sound or force of an air conditioning unit. And these days, they look good too! Ranging from sleek and modern to vintage-inspired and minimal, some ceiling fan designs will actually enhance the look of your home or outdoor space. Here are some examples of fans that will look very good in your Las Terrenas home: