las galeras fisher boats
Las Galeras is far east on the Samaná Peninsula — the long and narrow strip of land that juts out of the Dominican Republic like an outstretched arm reaching across the sea to Puerto Rico. From Samana town drive east until the simple road upon which you have been traveling comes to an abrupt stop and there the view will take your breath away as you are, face-to-face with the Atlantic Ocean, at the end of the road in Las Galeras.

In Las Galeras the sand is white, the earth is red, the sea is blue. It’s a place where craggy cliffs create calm beach coves. Where rolling hills of platanos (smaller banana) and palm trees cover the idylic and colorful farm homes strewn among them.

In this part of Samana you can hike miles and quite high up to fantastic lookout points. One can float above brimming coral reefs.  Or horseback riding through tiny, mountain villages, mostly nor more than seven or eight houses. It really is a place to contemplate; to idle on the edge of the Hispaniola continent pondering the sun, the stars, the moon as one fades into the other over and over again…..

Las Galeras appears to be a place to get lost and rejuvenate….. and dive…..