The basics of caribbean property.

In general the value of real estate in the western world is highly determined by some macro- and micro factors.  On the macro side are the economic indicators like the strength of the economy and the interest rates. And on the other hand you have the micro factors like location, market, condition, age, proximity to schools, work, shopping etc.

In the Caribbean the property fundamentals are different.  The main difference is what drives people to buy. And their descisions are not based on practical needs like proximity to work, a school or a shopping mall. People buying property in the Caribbean do that on their perception of their tropical dream.

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These are the two amenities that have the highest value namely beach-(water) front and seaview.

Beachfront Villas

loma esperanza villas las terrenas

Whether you want to swim, sunbathe, walk, jog or snorkel, just walk out the door of your private beachfront villa. Las Terrenas, Loma Esperanza.

Beachfront Apartments

apartment beachfront las terrenas

Your apartment or penthouse on an infamous beach in Las Terrenas, the Playa Bonita Residences offer sublime beachfront living.

Villas with seaview

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“There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.” As seeing from your porch.

Apartments with seaview

penthouse terrace Balcones las terrenas

“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.” When owning a terrace near the sea…

Las Terrenas! You will love it.

its a little rough around the edges with a hint of European sophistication

The Two Factors That Always Come In First.

What appeals most to you?

There are two amenities that have the highest value namely beach- (water) front and seaview.  All other factors come in second after these two. In the Caribbean, buyers shop around for locations that appeal to their personal ideas of a tropical dream and also have interesting lifestyles. When buying in the western world, most people decide where to live based on proximity of work, schools, shopping facilities etc. and then narrow down which property appeals most to them.

And that’s quite a difference.  The entire property market in the Caribbean is mainly about “the tropical dream” and property that fits that mold is the most valuable. In terms of views, it’s the same.  The views that speak loudest towards the tropical aesthetic are the most valuable.

Ranking seaview matters.

Beachfront property is the most valuable but second comes seaview! While beachfront is easy to qualify; it is the first line directly on the water, that’s it. To appraise the value of seaview is different because you have seaviews and you have seaviews.

On the other hand it is so that there are by far more seaview properties (as a % per 1.000 properties) in the Caribbean than in Europe or the US. Seaview properties are more common in the Caribbean.  It’s kind of as with hotel rooms. A $150 “garden view” suite on the first floor or a $400 suite with seaview on the third! Same room, only a little higher and on the other side of the hotel!

The same is true for seaviews. There are absolutely mind-blowing views that are scarce and rare, meaning more valuable. These gems always have certain characteristics expressing the value in money.

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A View To Impress

Over the years we have become experts in valuating and ranking seaviews. After seeing many different types of views and literally seeing them all over Caribbean, it is not that easy to impress us anymore.  It sort of became a hobby of us to figure out what it is that sets apart a mediocre seaview from an awesome and stunning seaview. And we absolutely want to maintain integrity for we do not want to pretend an “OK” view is a stunning view when advising potential buyers.

The Best Views Have These Characteristics

So here is what the best of the best views have in common and how they will support a very expensive home on top of the land or sell the quickest when they are put up for sale. The best of the best views have an unobstructed 180 or more degree angle ocean view plus coastline plus beach plus white water plus sunrise plus sunset, all as part of the view.

The distance to the coast is between 1.25 to 1.80 miles. The height of the land should be just high enough to get the impression you’re on top of the surrounding territory. Mostly a 30 degree angle from the beach is ideal and no more than 750 meters (2500 ft.) away from the high tide mark.

The more you can see the coastline stretch into the horizon, the better. We would describe this as not being too parallel to the coastline; you want to see it stretch out as your eye follows the white sand around points or down long stretches of beach.  That is exactly the reason why a more varied coastline is better than a straight beach.

Seeing the whales come by…

The white water must be seen close enough to watch the waves break. When one is too far away you will just see white and not the typical wave action; we name it too far zoomed out, like with a camera, when you zoom out and can’t quite make out the detail. Huge bonus points are awarded for unique geological features, like rocks that cause waves to break in a bay, seeing the glimmering lights along the shoreline instead of looking into a black hole at night. Being able to spot a whale’s tail, as you can in Samana, results in huge bonus points.

An Epic Sunrise 

Sunrises are the quiet introverts of sun events.

The unassuming beauties, raw and full of heart. 

Which Is Your Favorite:

Sunrise or Sunset

As far as trivialities go, comparing sunset to sunrise is right up there. Trying to compare subjective beauty is always fraught – more so when said beauty is merely an accidental pleasure arising from the Earth’s slow march around its own axis. But hell, if we can’t take a moment to ponder the world’s loveliness, then why are we here…….

Sunsets are glorious, they make endearing brushstrokes of threatening clouds, turn limp branches into glowing monuments, convert ordinary places into landscapes of gold. They paint the sky and celebrate the pain/greatness/melancholy of another day melting away. They are peaceful, they allow one to let go, to bid farewell. They welcome darkness and wet ones lips with the first taste of night.

But sunsets are predictable. There’s no challenge in a sunset. Walk out of your office and bask in its immediate glory. Cook dinner as last light drips off you through an innocuous window. Go find a hill, a rooftop, a beach, and become immersed in its fiery splendour. There’s no barrier to entry. Sunsets are almost always spectacular. Hot orange and pink and yellow, velvet and rich and lovely. The typical blonde girl-next-door of sun events.





So what about a Sunrise…

Say what you will, sunrises are undeniably the underdog of golden hour. If you manage to haul your arse out of bed in the dark and fumble for whatever shred of clothing you left on the floor the night before, if you manage to take your puffy eyes and scary hair out into the world to catch a glimpse of first light, then respect, dude, the sunrise is yours.

If you’ve stayed up all night, fought the terrors of 3am, danced pre-dawn and stumbled headlong into another day – then remember this moment friend, hold it in your heart.

Sunrises aren’t always spectacular, they don’t always drag autumnal warmth out of bleak darkness, they don’t always flood landscapes with hot beauty. They can be watery and meek. Insignificant. But boy are they optimistic. Filled with the hope of a day yet unknown. They literally fill the world with light. Sunrises are freedom, opportunity, anticipation, solitude. They are caught in the hours when the world is quiet, heavy with sleep. Sunrises are the quiet introverts of sun events. The unassuming beauties, raw and full of heart.

But, keep in mind that a sunset location on the horizon can changes drastically over the course of the year. It is possible to see sunset into the ocean view as part of your view in a dry season and not see it at all in a rainy season. This is because one is near the equator and as the earth tilts over the period of a year, the tilt can be enough to create drastic differences in sunset location.  This is actually quite remarkable. We have had homes that see the sunset go down into the ocean and just some months later you see it go down over the mountains a little further up the coast. Of course the sun setting into the ocean is the most valuable type of sunset view one can have.  Being able to watch this type of sunset every day is truly an incredible feature and the most precious.

Sunsets becomes an event; everyone on the property will congregate every evening to witness one more gorgeous day come to an end.

So on your next scouting mission, consider these attributes because not only are they worth more, if you ever decide to sell, this detail will be the catalyst that gets your place sold. Bonus Hack: Most sellers do not know this and often price land as if each view is the same. There is often a chance for arbitrage for the discerning eye.

Explore Samana! You will love it.

We thank you for your interest in Las Terrenas, we invite you to experience the peninsula of Samana and our magical beaches with its lush beauty, wildness, and warm and gracious people.