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(Las Terrenas & Property Potential)

Here´s why in Las Terrenas you will find the absolute best real estate values in the Caribbean you have ever seen. With an established infrastructure of everything you need or want.

Since some time a new road has made Las Terrenas easy accessible to the capital, Santa Domingo. Flights are coming to the nearby El Catey airport from the USA, Canada and Europe. Go back a couple of years and Las Terrenas was difficult to get to. In particular the final stretch. This was was a steep climb into the hills, on a curving, narrow, badly lit road. There were no barriers. The steep drop down to the bay made for a jaw dropping view but a slow drive.

The new highway cuts out the mountain route. It also cuts the drive time from Santo Domingo to an hour and 45 minutes. Nowadays Las Terrenas and  the Samana peninsula is easy to get to from international airport Las Americas.

This area feels like its own separate piece of paradise floating off the main island. But because it is attached to the Dominican Republic you don’t have the downsides of living on a smaller Caribbean island. In Las Terrenas you have everything you need. And you don’t pay “island” prices.

Development has been tightly restricted. There’s no high rise. Outside of town there’s a couple of larger hotels. That’s it. Everything else is boutique-style. And it will stay that way. Here, they absolutely don’t want to go down the mass-market road. The Government, the expats and the locals don’t want it. They want boutique development that will keep Las Terrenas as it is. Idyllic, charming, the real Caribbean.

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Las Terrenas


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The Dominican Republic has been working very hard in recent years to make itself irresistible to North American retirees and second-home-in-the-sun shoppers. On top of its awesome beaches and sparkling lapping seas, it has layered one of the world’s most user-friendly residency programs.

One can qualify at any age, and temporary residency is usually granted within 45 days of your application. As a resident under this program, you can import your vehicle and household goods tax-free. You also enjoy tax exemptions on household items and property transfers, a 50% reduction of property tax, and more.

But the one major advantage this Caribbean paradise has over its competition is its cost of real estate. You can own an apartment located but a five-minute walk from the beach for as little as US$100,000. If your budget stretches a little further, you could become the proud owner of a beachfront villa or a great big dream mansion with sea views is a fraction of the usual multimillion-dollar price tag in the Caribbean.

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If you are captivated by the Caribbean lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to give the Dominican Republic a look. And you need to do it now—before the rest of the world catches on. Property values have been depressed since 2008 but are beginning to move up now. This is the window to act. The Dominican Republic truly is the best of the Caribbean and, for now, the most affordable too.

In Las Terrenas, specifically, you can embrace the best of Caribbean living but also enjoy First World amenities and entertainment nearby, as well as an instant welcome by the large, diverse, and growing resident expat community.

Stunning beaches, gourmet restaurants, several  great supermarkets and a cultured European community… plus excellent medical care and the best property buys in the entire Caribbean. That’s Las Terrenas and surrounding Samana.

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Las Terrenas offers a huge variety and diversity of residential  properties.

Find your style.

“I prefer the  ease and comfort of an apartment or a penthouse.”


“I like a villa with a garden and pool, near the beach, which I can rent out occasionally.”


“I want to built my dreamhome on a beachfront or  a seaview plot.”


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