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Las Terrenas is a real town, it’s no resort!

One reason people stay in Las Terrenas after having visited it is the people they´ve met, people from all over the world. The eclectic expat community in Las Terrenas is supportive and welcoming. And so is the local community. Dominicans are lovely people. Don’t listen to the resort staff who will try to scare you into not leaving their property. It’s a real shame that most tourists don’t get to see the real Dominican Republic because it`s a beautiful country. Many one time visitors stayed, bought a home, intending to spend the rest of their life there.

Las Terrenas is the authentic Caribbean as it used to be in the Bahama’s 50 or 60 years ago. Living in Las Terrenas is not insular. One interacts with another and with the locals. It’s a very dynamic community. The whole town feels like a neighborhood. Las Terrenas is a real town with local commuter traffic, on scooters, quads, pick-ups and buses. It is a town rather than a resort strip of all inclusive resort hotels.

During recent years in Las Terrenas, the French have added their bakery, producing baguettes, croissants, and napoleons. There is an Italian grocery store  where people can make grocery shopping as if they were in Italy. The butcher has his own farm, raising the beef, lamb, and chickens sold in his pristine white-tiled shop or the deluxe import-filled supermarket. Camembert and peanut butter, a full variety of imported wines and local beer, line the shelves along with the yogurt, butter and liverwurst.

Not so long ago there were only two ways to reach this natural paradise of Las Terrenas, on the Dominican Republic’s Samana Peninsula. You could take a horse, or a boat. Meanwhile there is an international airport and a direct highway from Santo Domingo.

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Bienvenue, Benvenuto

lobster luis las terrenas coson

Luis on Playa Coson

Playa Cosón is home to the well known and loved Luis Restaurant , an unassuming beach restaurant where plastic tables and chairs rest in the sand. There’s no menu here, just whatever fish they’re serving coupled with plantains, rice and beans or burgers. Very authentic, very Dominican, very simple and very good. It’s easy to find, just follow the Coson road and the signs…

restaurant las terrenas coson
lobster luis las terrenas coson

MotoConchos and Quads

There everywhere in and around Las Terrenas. Young and old, male and female, they all use them daily. For doing groceries, for fun, really all the time. A quad is relaxed and brings you everywhere. On deserted beaches, there where`s no road, you can come with a quad…

Live the Life you Love. Love the Life you Live.

Every season in Las terrenas is bikini season.

The catch of the day….

Fishermen take the catch of the day to the beaches of Las Terrenas and Las Galeras where one can get, at a good price, the freshest fish and seafood to cook at home. Enjoy the experience of savoring the grilled fish on the same beach, accompanied by a pina colada prepared with fresh juice of crushed pineapple inside a freshly cut coconut.

From farm to fork…

In Las Terrenas there are many small but dedicated farmers bringing the best what they have to offer to families, so they can enjoy the freshest ingredients, straight from the farm to your fork.

las terrenas restaurant shop

Semana Santa

Las Terrenas is  one of the most favorite of vacationers during Holy Week, which will enjoy all the natural charm of the region and artistic activities of the first order. For Easter every year a schedule of events had been announced which involve popular artists like the young audience that the popular “bonches” celebrated in the bars and beaches of Las Terrenas moves each year. Popular is the the Salty-Sand festival on the beach. SS2017 does have great line-ups with awesome DJ´s and draws lots of public.

Life on the beach

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