Project Description


A Gem; Samana Peninsula is this and more! Coconut covered mountains that march down to the sea, majestic capes that plunge to the ocean’s depths where vibrant, coral reefs teem with brightly-colored fish and spiny lobster, crystal-clear streams that wend their way through the peninsula’s lush arroyos, playful waterfalls tumbling down the verdant hills, the shrill chatter of bright green, the feathered arms of the coconut palms. With a picturesque landscape unique to the Dominican Republic (green mountains, lush vegetation, picturesque villages, miles of beach … etc…) … The harmony of three colors: cream sand, green vegetation and the blue ocean is simply MAGIC!

Samana`s Sun

Sun exposure enhances the immune system, improves sleep quality, improves brain function, lowers blood pressure and makes you smile each morning.

Samana`s Sea

What’s the most beautiful shade of blue? Turquoise, azure, jade or aquamarine, changing by the day, are a truly mesmerizing experience.

Samana`s Serenity

Lush nature, a natural green setting, reduces stress, improves moods, reduces anger and aggressiveness and increases overall happiness.

Samana`s Sand

Life`s a beach. Salt in the air. Sand in the hair. The beach is just so cool. To relax, enjoy, have fun and just being happy. What more do you need.

Surround Serenity

… when living in Las Terrenas and it is …

Simply Beautiful