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Living on a tropical island is an incredible fantasy shared by many people. Being surrounded by water, drinking out of fresh coconuts, and bathing in warm, turquoise water are some of the alluring images that come to mind.

But the disadvantage of living on a small Caribbean island includes social and geographical isolation is some form.  And as a friend once told me that if you need decent shopping, you’re in the wrong place!  So you’ve got perfect hair, neat nails and you’ve been thoroughly ‘defluffed’ (oh come on…you didn’t really think I’d let this post go by without a tiny bit of humor did you?). Now try finding great shoes and amazing clothes to go with it on your tiny but lovely Caribbean island. Good luck with that. This ain’t New York, Paris or London my dear!

That`s one of the great advantages of living in Samana. It really feels as if you are on one of the most beautiful and idyllic Caribbean Islands with one unique and huge advantage above all those other, smaller, islands, namely                                                  

   the vicinity of a big city:   – SANTO DOMINGO –

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Conde Santo Domingo Dominican-Republic
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Santo Domingo is the largest, most animated, cosmopolitan and people-friendly city in the Caribbean and Central America. Avoid peak hour traffic, and you are in a metropolis that has it all.

Every first time traveler is advised to leave the comfort of their resort and, for at least a day, visit the Colonial City, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Colonial City is a very walkable grid of 16 short streets with jewels of 16th to early 20th century architecture. Cobblestone lanes and iron street lamps lead to the many small museums, shops, hotels, restaurants and bars that are tucked away on every street. The Chu Chu Colonial offers a 45-minute trip around the city to help newcomers get their bearings.

In the city, marvel at the lushness of the Botanical Gardens. Walk over to the Malecón and watch the people and the sea views.

Shopping is big at the malls in Santo Domingo. Look for Dominican shops to buy a linen guayabera, leather handbag or original designed clothing. Eyeball gorgeous men and women at one of the better gyms. Then relax and smoke a good cigar at one of the open terrace-restaurants at Plaza de España or Av. Gustavo Mejia Ricart. The city is yours.

colonial santo domingo zone

“the most beautiful land in the world”

Christophorus Columbus

The tropical vegetation and the vibrant colour palettes  of the Dominican Republic are a great inspiration for my designs. (born july 22, 1932 in Santo Domingo)

Oscar de la Renta

Living in Samana is pretty much a mind-blowing experience, being surrounded by turquoise waters, lush nature and with a very easygoing pace of life. But with a city in the vicinity like Santo Domingo just tops it all.

Many of us are drawn to cities, we like them. Although we have our preferences. Not many will choose to go on a trip to Detroit, Chicago or Cleveland. We prefer something more interesting!

Order is the reason we love Paris and New York, we’re told. But we must avoid too much of it. Excessive regularity can be “soul-destroying, relentless and harsh,” so what we want is organised complexity. We humans simply “adore” cities midway between chaos and boringness, like Santo Domingo.

Next we want a “visible life”: streets need to be full of people and activity in order to be beautiful instead of bleak. Think Barcelona, Santo Domingo, not Phoenix, Arizona.

Another aspect of attractive cities is “orientation and mystery”: the ability to both get lost and to not get lost (you’ve lost me), which is achieved by a balance between small streets and big ones. Like the old streets in the Zona Colonial to the very wide Av. J.F. Kennedy.

Finally, the sixth key to making a city attractive is to “make it local”. Which is to say, cities should embrace their unique characters of place and avoid sameness. Santo Domingo is a lively and unique metropolis with 3 million people living there, lots of shops, restaurants and nightlife to never get bored.

And all this is within reach when living in Las Terrenas. Living on a Caribbean Island is really awesome, but when you can pick your car and within one-and-a-half hours, you are in a metropolis, then that is really something.