A message from Tony

Hi, I’m Tony.

I started out selling properties in Las Terrenas in 2003 and am the founder of ImmoMexx.  Meanwhile more and more people use my advice to buy or rent their dream home better, cheaper and longer!

Have you ever thought:

Isn’t it difficult finding the right vacation home for my family?

It seems too expensive for me!?

or “How do I find people who I can trust?”

Believe me, you are not alone.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve helped hundreds of people from dozens of different countries to answer all those questions with proven tips and sound advice. The people I help have googled and searched the internet but most of the time it resulted in being completely overwhelmed with information.


If you’ve ever wanted to buy a second home, turn your dream into a reality, save money on the deal, or want to rent it out, so it makes you money, you are in the right place!

Everyday I wake up with one goal in mind “How can I assist and advice people to realise their dream of owning their own caribbean getaway. And for far less than they initially thought. Las Terrenas and Samana offers considerably more bargains than on any Caribbean island! That is for the time being.”

And the mission here at Samana Life is to produce detailed, long form content that is more comprehensive than any other website out there. To get updates, unlisted properties, exclusive access to our database, and step-by-step instructions on how to start realising your dream, use the form below to get tips sent to your inbox right away:

Thanks for visiting this website and I look forward to helping you realise your caribbean dream.



“The peninsula around us is simply beautiful and we like to keep it that way”


“Samana Life aspires to be a platform to spark conversations between people who are passionate about this wonderful peninsula.”

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founding partner, Immomexx

Immomexx has established a longtime reputation equaled by few estate agencies for their professional, honest and straightforward treatment of its clients. With their substantial experience in all aspects of property, Immomexx knows the importance of clear and transparent communication and pre and post-sale service to our clients, and make every effort to provide the very best real estate service available.